AESE23 Silver Conductive Ink/Paint

  • $18.99

AESE23 is a low viscosity, high solids, silver-filled ink designed originally for ink-jet printing processes. It is also suitable for spray and coating applications. AESE23 dries to a hard, durable and very flexible film and has excellent conductivity – especially in very thin traces down to 20 to 40 μm dried thickness. AESE23 is designed to form electric circuit, and has excellent adhesion to a wide variety of plastic and metal substrates. It also adheres well to glass. Applications for AESE23 include RFID and electric circuit, thermal interface soldering applications.



                        Appearance                                                     black liquid

                        Viscosity                                                         1,500 cps*

                        Sintering process                                increase (2oC/min) to 250oC, 1 hr sintering

                        Shelf life                                                         3 months*

                        Total% NV solids                                           50%


                        Physical Properties After Sintering

                        Electrical resistivity                                        6-10 µΩ cm*                     

                        Pencil Hardness                                              2H minimum*




NOTE: Although the above properties are accurate to the best of our knowledge, Aegis Technology, Inc. makes no guarantees for customer specifications established in applications where this product is used. Customer assumes responsibility for determining fitness of use in their particular application.