About us

Aegis Depot, located in Orange County/California, is an industry-leading manufacturer and supplier of nano/micro particles and powders focusing on energy materials, both in a small amount for research/lab use and in bulk quantity for industrial manufacturing.

All material products being sold in Aegis Depot are manufactured in state-of-the-art production facilities with a strict quality assurance policy and backed by top-notch customer service and support as well. Our experienced personnel of both sale and technical support with extensive expertise in the material selections, applications, and processing of these materials would provide a variety of supports to well meet the needs of our customers even beyond their expectations. We take pride in individually inspecting and quality-checking each and every product when it is stocked into inventory and when it is shipped to our clientele.

We provide our customers with the following categories of materials powders/particles:

  • Materials for Solid State Fuel Cells;
  • Materials for Thermoelectric Devices;
  • Materials for Li-ion Battery Materials
  • Materials for Ceramic Capacitors
  • Materials for Magnetic devices/components;
  • Materials for 3D Printing;
  • Materials for Protective Coating;
  • General Ceramic/Oxides
  • General Metal/Alloys

In addition to our standard product lines, Aegis Depot also offers in CUSTOM orders.