Magnetic Powders

We supply our customers with various kinds of hard magnetic powders, including Ferrite, NdFeB and SmCo.

  1. The magnetic ferrite powder is suitable for producing different grades of hard ferrite magnets by wet pressing or dry pressing production process. According to the needs of clients, we could supply the magnetic ferrite powders in different granularity, the magnetic ferrite powder can be classified as isotropic magnetic ferrite powder and anisotropic magnetic ferrite powder.
  2. AlNiCo magnetic powder is made of AlNiCo magnet and through cracked it into required particle size. The character is temperature coefficient of Br is small. The powder mainly used in raw material of bonded magnet, plastic magnet; all kinds of SmCo fault detection; magnetic printing and other highly temperature sensitivity fields (currently unavailable).
  3. NdFeB powder has application in the automobile industry, office automation, DC brush-type motors, multi-pole stepper, magnetic paints, magnetic printable substrates, magnetic films, medical diagnostics and therapeutics, video tape, copy toners, fingerprinting, sensors, fuel injectors, permanent magnets, nano level fluid sealing, electric toys and magnetic curing products, etc.
  4. SmCo powder is used for producing polymer bonded SmCo magnets by compressing molding.

We also supply the Soft Magnetic Alloy Powder 
  • Iron cobalt nanoparticles appear in black powder form. They are known to possess high magnetic saturation values and high Curie temperatures. Nanoparticles of iron-cobalt have attracted great interest in recent years because of their unique physical and chemical properties because of their industrial importance in preparing magnetic recording materials, pigments, catalysts, etc.