Bismuth Powder -100 Mesh 99.5%

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Bismuth is a chemical element with symbol Biand atomic number 83. Bismuth, a pentavalentpost-transition metal and one of the pnictogens, chemically resembles its lighter homologs arsenicand antimony. Elemental bismuth may occur naturally, although its sulfide and oxideform important commercial ores. The free element is 86% as dense as lead. It is a brittle metal with a silvery white color when freshly produced, but surface oxidation can give it a pink tinge

Melting point 544.7 K  (271.5 °C, 520.7 °F)
Boiling point 1837 K (1564 °C, 2847 °F)
Density (near r.t.) 9.78 g/cm3
when liquid (at m.p.) 10.05 g/cm3
Heat of fusion 11.30 kJ/mol
Heat of vaporization 179 kJ/mol
Molar heat capacity 25.52 J/(mol·K)