Barium Hydroxide Anhydrous

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Barium Hydroxide Anhydrous is a compound with the formula Ba(OH)2

Used as a precursor to other barium compounds. It is used in analytical chemistry for titration of weak acids, particularly organic acids. It removes the carbonate in water. It is a strong base, and is used as catalyst in many organic reactions, such as hydrolysis of esters and nitriles, decarboxylation of amino acids, selective hydrolysis of one of the ester groups in dimethyl hendecanedioate, and preparation of cyclopentanone, diacetone alcohol and D-Gulonic gamma-lactone. 

Physical State: Solid

Color: transparent

Odor: odorless

pH: Alkaline.

Vapor Pressure: Negligible.

Vapor Density: 10.9

Evaporation Rate: Negligible.

Viscosity: Not available

Boiling Point: 780 deg C ( 1,436.00ƒF)

Freezing/Melting Point: 78 deg C ( 172.40ƒF)

Decomposition Temperature: Not available

Solubility in water: Moderately in water (5.6 g/100 ml)

Specific Gravity/Density: 2.18

Molecular Formula: BaH2O2

Molecular Weight: 171.34