Protective Coating Materials

1. Hard Alloys (Cermet);
2. MCRAlY Alloys
3. PTA Powder (Stellite 6)

Hard alloys normally is a class of WC-based "cermet" composite that is made from a blend of metal-oxide ceramic (cer) and metal (met) materials.
MCrAlY thermal sprayed coatings can be used as an independent anti-corrosion/abrasion coating or as a bond coat for thermal barrier coating (TBC) systems or other environmental coating systems for gas turbine engines and other components used in other high-temperature, corrosive environments. The
MCrAlY alloys include: (1) NiCrAlY that is used to protect against oxidation in high temperature gas environments, (2) CoCrAlY that offers excellent resistance to hot corrosion (sulfidation); and (3) NiCoCrAlY or CoNiCrAlY that provide a good combination of both oxidation and sulfidation resistance.

These alloy powders can be used for different thermal spray processes such as atmospheric plasma
spray, high velocity oxygen fuel (HVOF), and atmosphere plasma spray.
PTA Powder (Stellite 6) is a Carbide-based Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA) powders;

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